Jouanna Hassoun, Project manager of MILES since 2011

Jouanna Hassoun, Project manager of MILES since 2011

The LSVD is the key advocacy group for LGBT people in Germany.

Through our project MILES (Centre for Migrants, Lesbians and Gays), the Berlin office of our organisation provides help to LGBT people with migrant backgrounds, including refugees. Queer refugees are presently facing enormous challenges. The MILES team is offering help in every possible way.

Our work includes accompanying refugees to state authorities, assisting them with applications, and searching for accommodation. We also offer language classes (both for beginners and advanced students). On top of that, we have formed a leisure activities group.

Support our work, and support the LGBT community! Your donations help us to continue to provide services to migrants and refugees. Among others things, we require donations for the salary of language teachers, learning material and for the activities we engage in with our leisure group.

Simply click on the PayPal button below to support MILES and our refugee project. The donation purpose is set to “queer refugees” by default so you can be sure your money helps support our work.




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